Gas Leak In MDR Unrelated To Earlier Release

MARINA DEL REY (CNS) - A gas release in Marina del Rey was unrelated to an earlier one that occurred in the same area less than three weeks ago, a county supervisor said today.

Thursday's release was detected by sensors at a construction site where gas was released from an abandoned well on Jan. 11, according to Supervisor Janice Hahn.

The most recent release came from a Southern California Gas Company line and ``was tracked to the intersection of Via Marina and Marquesas Way and is understood to be an unrelated incident,'' Hahn said.

``This most recent gas leak is attributed to a gas line service port operated by SoCalGas,'' Hahn said, adding that officials from the county fire and public health departments as well as the South Coast Air Quality Management District have been at the site.

``I am receiving constant updates from experts about both gas leak incidents and have instructed the Department of Public Health and Fire Department to continue to release daily updates on the incidents to the public,'' Hahn said.

In response to a release on Jan. 11, the California Department of Conservation's Division of Gas and Geothermal Resources imposed controls to minimize future natural gas releases at the site.

The release occurred as the well ``was being brought into compliance with current standards at a construction site,'' according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Monitoring of emissions at the site were ordered, leading to the detection of Thursday's release.

According to the gas company, once it was informed of Thursday's release its personnel ``inspected the area and identified a small, non- hazardous natural gas leak on one of its distribution pipelines.''

``SoCalGas crews made initial repairs, but discovered a hairline crack on a valve that requires additional repair work,'' according to the utility.

It's anticipated the work will be completed next week after upcoming rains pass, an official said.

``The pipeline, in its current condition, does not present a risk to public health or safety,'' but the gas company will continue to monitor the line to ensure that remains the case until repairs can be completed, according to the utility.

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