#TechTalk: How To Get Your TV Looking Perfect For The Big Game

Getting your house all geared up your Big Game party?

Got your food? Check!

Got your booze? Check!

Got your TV optimized? WHAT?!?!

That's right. If you're going to have a house full of people jammed in front of your TV, you absolutely cannot let them see your TV in its sad, straight-out-of-the-box settings that you suffer through every single day.

Nope. Can't do it.

Don't be nervous about it, though!

It really is a very simple process that Reviewed made it even more simple:

  1. Go to Picture Settings
  2. Change the mode to Movie/Cinema
  3. Go to Advanced Settings and adjust the motion settings
  4. Fine tune your picture by adjusting backlight, brightness, contrast, sharpness, color, etc. to your liking

And, if you're worried about the FaceTime eavesdropping glitch that's been messing with phones, USA Today can walk you through disabling the app and saving yourself from all sorts of grief.

Check out all of @Marc_Saltzman's work at USA Today

Check out Marc's Tech It Out podcast on the KFI Squadcast page !

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