Vote Puskas for K9 of the Year!

The K9's of Valor Organization has nominated a Conway Show regular to win the esteemed honor of K9 of the year.


If you'll remember, Puskas gained popularity for his wild attack on a car chase suspect.

It was back in February that Southern Californians watched an exhilarating car chase which ended with the heroic actions of a Santa Ana police dog named Puskas.

While the K-9 unit did successfully take down the criminal suspect in typical K-9 fashion, he suffered severe dental damage in the process.

Puskas has been a regular on the Tim Conway Jr Show, you can hear past interviews below. 

Original story below

Last year, the Santa Ana Police Department was out in full force to stop a suspect on a wild car chase. After many attempts to get the driver to slow down, the car finally died on the suspect. That's when the Santa Ana Police Departments Canine Unit hero came running out of seemingly nowhere. If you missed it, check it out in the video below!

During the wild take down, the poor dog lost 6 of his teeth including all of his incisors. He went into surgery Tuesday morning and was out that night. Officer Luis Galeana, Puskas' handler, joined the show to give us an update of his post-surgery status. Turns out Puskas doing great, just a bit sleepy from all of the pain medication. 

I think it's safe to safe, Puskas was properly trained. Good Job Santa Ana PD and Officer Luis Galeana! We all hope Puskas feels better. 

Listen to Tim's interview with Officer Luis Galeana below!

Check out some Photos of Puskas and Officer Galeana recovering! He seems to be doing great, just taking some time relaxing and hanging with family. 

Rest up, heros!

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