Tijuana Medical Examiner's Office Overwhelmed by Amount, Stench of Bodies

The smell of rotting corpses is horrifying residents of Mexico and Baja California's Medical office in Tijuana is becoming overwhelmed with the amount of the deceased coming through the doors.

After a record year of violence, officials in the medical office, an agency known as SEMEFO, have asked the state government for additional funding after operating for several months at nearly double its capacity for cadavers.

Judge Salvador Juan Ortiz Morales said the issue was "urgent" and called on the state government of Baja California to fund an additional refrigerator to hold an extra 100 bodies, the San Diego Union Tribune reports.

The office is reportedly receiving at least double the amount of bodies it can hold, sometimes at quadruple the capacity with up to 20 cadavers daily, or up to 600 bodies a month. The high amount of bodies and lack of staffing is creating a difficulty for the community to get their loved one's body back.

About half of the autopsies are conducted on homicide victims.

Police in the area report the spike in violence is related to drug dealers fighting over street corners.

Photo: Getty Images

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