Robot Valet Is Coming To London's Gatwick Airport

There's a lot of different things you have to worry about when you head to the airport for a flight. But thankfully for those flying out of London's Gatwick Airport, parking will soon be one less thing you'll have to stress.

The airport has confirmed that later this year they will test a new parking system, one that uses robots to park each car. They say they hope this alleviates some of the stress of parking, as well as a way to provide more room, for even more cars to fit into the lot space. 

The robots are from a Paris-based company called Stanley Robotics. Gatwick Airport says they will test the new parking system for three months.

The airport also said they plan to create 270 new valet spots for the robots to park guest vehicles. If it goes well, they said that number could potentially expand into 8,5000 more robot valet spots.

The new parking project is expected to be finished by August.

Read more on CNN.

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