"Medicare For All" Costs More Than The Democrats Lead On

Over the weekend, Democratic California Senator Kamala Harris launched her campaign in Oakland with a rally. Fox News reports that during her rally, the Senator declared "health care is a fundamental right" and vowed to to serve her supporters by endorsing "Medicare for All." 

The question among many Americans still remains the same, what is "Medicare for All"? It is a government-funded health insurance plan that would require all U.S residents to be covered with no copays AND deductibles for their medical services. 

This sounds ridiculous, out of reach, and expensive which is why President Trump and other Republicans strongly oppose this health care system. This new system would expand the benefits of former President Obama's horrible Affordable Care Act. Honestly, that was a disaster enough. Why are the Democrats trying to even continue with that? Well blame dream catcher Sen. Bernie Sanders. He introduced the legislation in 2016 and believes it's a huge step towards the United States having universal health care.  

But of course no matter how bad an idea is, the Democratic 2020 candidates so far, Sen. Kristen Gillibrand, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard are all endorsing this program. You can't expect anything else from the Democrats. They are all just a disaster.  

The real problem here though is: the Democrats are not accurately discussing how much this is going to cost the government. "Medicare for All" is estimated to cost tens of TRILLIONS of dollars over a decade. 

A study from 2017 showed that at least 74 million Americans who are currently benefiting from Medicaid would be forced to face higher taxes under "Medicare for All."

Americans are going to be forced to starting paying the taxes but the "for all" part isn't even accurate. The plan is not instantly giving every American insurance. It would be slowly extended to citizens, from older to younger, over a four year period. 

Please, can someone just stop this idea already?

Photo: Getty Images

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