Simon Majumdar, Podcaster, Cook, Author, and Traveler


Our friend and World traveler Simon Majumdar is back in studio with the Fork Reporter.

It's been some time since Simon has been able to chat and it's because he's been traveling the world recording his podcast "Eat My Globe". 

Simon's podcast is in the top 20% of all the podcasts worldwide. What an accomplishment. 

Simon's goal was to inform his audience on things they didn't know about food. He put his passion for food and traveling into one and created a marvelous podcast for everyone to enjoy.

"This is what the “EAT MY GLOBE” podcast is all about. Not just sharing our joy for food, but also looking at some of the stories that make food one of the great sources of understanding our history"

If you want to listen to "Eat My Globe", you can find it on the website, iTunes, Google, and Spotify

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