Seth Crossno shares his experience at failed Fyre Festival

Seth Crossno runs a satirical Twitter account under the name William Needham Finley IV (@WNFIV). He decided to attend the new infamous FYRE Festival in 2017 because he thought it would be funny, and because he also thought it would be a fun vacation.

When he arrived to the site in the Bahamas, he quickly realized things were not right. There was no infrastructure in place, there were no musical acts, there were FEMA tents instead of nice cabanas, and people were trapped. This was no party. Crossno joined Shannon and Mark Thompson today to talk about his experience at FYRE:

If you frequent Hulu and Netflix, you've probably scrolled past or watched the documentaries about FYRE. The festival was conjured up by Billy McFarland, a tech entrepreneur in his mid-20's whose goal was to create the sexiest, most incredible party of all time.

McFarland assembled a team of bright millennial marketers to blow up social media and get people excited about the festival. They put out a video full of famous models and influencers having a blast in the Bahamas, it looked like a great time!

Now a music festival is a huge undertaking. Not only is there a lot of hard work and planning involved, but it's also incredibly expensive to put on.  Billy McFarland knew how to talk to the right people and convinced them to give him obscene amounts of money. 

The build up to the FYRE disaster is fascinating and bizarre. Ja Rule is there, there's shadiness abound, people aren't getting paid for their work, lot of's nuts!

We recommend watching both the Hulu and Netflix documentaries, they'll stress you out!

Seth Crossno has also created The Dumpster FYRE podcast, "the behind-the-scenes story of everything that happened leading up to, and in the aftermath of, one of the biggest dumpster fyres of all time."

FYRE is like a train wreck, it's awful and yet we can't look away!

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