New Tax Proposals Are Out Of Line and Hurt The Middle-Class

According to the Office of the Legislative Analyst, California has $18 billion in budget reserves. The Daily News reports that these budget reserves exceed the entire state budget of eighteen other states. 

Despite California already having the highest income tax, the highest state sales tax rate and the second highest gas tax, Governor Gavin Newsom and California's legislature still believe in raising the state's taxes even higher.  

During Jerry Brown's time as governor, he was unable to push a new 911 surcharge and precedent-setting tax on water. So now, Gov. Newsom has taken on these tax proposals and added them in his proposed budget. 

Sure these tax hikes are dedicated for public safety purposes, but these projects do not need a new revenue sourcing. Using money out of the general fund would only require about two percent. 

The only reason California's government is considering the public to have a higher taxes is to establish new, permanent sources of revenue. Both these programs are projected to generate revenue in excess of the actual money needed to fix the problems. 

This is the issue though, why is this on California residents to fix? If there is proper funding and no need for raising the state's taxes, it shouldn't fall on the residents to handle. During his campaign, Gov. Newsom promised he would take care of the middle class, but these TWO different taxes is just hurting them in the end. 

What a way to break a promise and show who you really are Gavin Newsom. 

Photo: Getty Images

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