#TechTalk: Amazon Delivery Robots Rolling Out & Marc's TV Show!

Go away delivery man!  I want my delivery robot!!!

Now, although it may be a bit aggressive, that will soon be a very realistic demand.

According to Engadget, as of yesterday, there are now six Amazon Scout delivery robots rolling around the streets of a neighborhood in Snohomish County, Washington.  

The fleet of cooler-sized, self-navigating, rolling robots  can navigate all by themselves, and are even capable of handling sidewalk obstacles like people and pets.  (It is still unclear how an Amazon Scout will react when Fido mistakes it for a fire hydrant.)  

Since Amazon hasn't quite figured out how to ensure that the robots deliver the package to the proper verified customer, they currently have an Amazon employee walking around with each Amazon Scout.  

However, with Amazon expected to work with Key soon, there's the very real possibility that these little robot buddies may soon take those deliveries straight into your home. 

And did you hear?!?!

Marc is hosting a new TV show on CNBC!

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