President Trump Delays State of the Union Amid Failed Negotiations

President Trump's State of the Union address originally scheduled for Jan. 29 has been postponed amid talks with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

As the partial government shutdown continues onto day 34, Pelosi has stated she will not let Trump hold the address during the shutdown. Trump has demanded $5.7 billion for the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, and Democrats have refused to concede.

Just as the government has been shutdown before, State of the Union addresses have been postponed before - or not given at all. 

Only two presidents did not give a State of the Union address whatsoever: William Henry Harrison and James Garfield, Fox News reports. Partly because each were in office for so little time before they died. 

Recent presidents who skipped giving an address in the same year they were inaugurated include Ronald Reagan in 1981, George H.W. Bush in 1989, Clinton in 1993, George W. Bush in 2001, Barack Obama in 2009, and Trump in 2017. 

The last time a State of the Union address was delayed was in 1986. 

Photo: Getty Images

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