Police Searching for Two Men Who Skipped Out On $4000 Botox Bill

A couple of men in Los Angeles have gotten some pricey botox work and bolted without paying. The medical spa, Sculpt DTLA, located in Downtown LA says the couple walked in and were vague about the services the wished for. 

"I asked, 'Well what would you like done?' And their response was, 'Whatever you think needs to be done, doc,'" shop owner, Benny Hau says.  

The two men received four thousand dollars worth of treatment on their visit and were very complimentary.

"They said that they looked great, they were happy. They wanted to tell everybody about our clinic."

Rather than pay, the two men pretended to use the restroom and instead, ran out of the shop and even shoved one of the employees along the way. Although names and addresses were provided, the information was indeed false. 

"I don't think my money is ever going to come back, but I think justice should be met." 

Photos of the two men before their procedure have been provided to local police in an effort to locate the two. 

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