There's A New Way To Reveal The Gender Of Your Baby... And It's Disgusting

Gender reveal parties have recently gained huge popularity in the U.S., putting a surprise spin on the traditional baby shower. Couples join together with family and friends, and they put together a reveal stunt to announce the gender of their unborn baby.

Sometimes the reveal comes as a few pink or blue balloons flying out of a box, and sometimes it's a grown man actually dressed as the baby flying out of the box...

But while the gender reveal parties usually look like all fun and games, they do have the potential to turn a bit sour.

Just last November, a father-to-be started a wildfire after his gender reveal plan went terribly wrong... Whoops!

But the unexpected surprises from the gender reveal parties are far from over.

The latest stunt comes from the Villa Italian Kitchen, a restaurant franchise with locations across the country. They just announced their new 'Gender Reveal Lasagna', and yep... It's just as weird and disgusting as it sounds!

The restaurant's new catering package includes a made-to-order cheese lasagna (with pink or blue dyed insides according to the gender), garlic rolls, and of course a salad for the vegans.

The meal is set to serve 12 people, but just how many of your party guests that will actually want to eat it may differ from that number.

The franchise encourages anyone who announces their future bundle of joys gender with a lasagna (anyone else see what's wrong with that sentence?!), to post about it on social media with the hashtag #LasagnaReveal.

Read all about the colorful, disgusting lasagnas on the New York Post.

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