Alec Baldwin Pleads Guilty to Harassment Charge Over Parking Spot Scuffle

Actor Alec Baldwin appeared in court Wednesday and pleaded guilty to a second-degree harassment violation after he punched a man over a New York City parking spot last year. 

The former "30 Rock" star also agreed to attend a short, one-day anger management program as part of his plea. Baldwin will have to pay a mandatory surcharge of $120 and provide a compliance update to the court showing that he has completed the anger management courses by March 27. 

Other, more serious charges, including assault, were dropped by the District Attorney's office. 

The D.A. at the hearing said their office had gone over video and complaints, but given that Baldwin didn't have a criminal record, they recommended the lesser charge. 

Police say the incident last fall began after Baldwin and another man began arguing and started pushing each other when the man parked in a spot that the 60-year-old actor said a family member had been holding for him. 

Baldwin previously denied punching anyone in the Nov. 2 fight. 

The actor had no comment after leaving the courtroom.

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