In The Market For A New Job? You Could Be The Next 'Hotdogger'!

Oscar Mayer has officially announced their nationwide job search for new drivers!

But it's not just any job behind the wheel...

It's the very important job of driving the official Oscar Mayer Wienermobile across the country.

The new driver would be referred to as the Oscar Mayer "Hotdogger," so as long as you're comfortable with a new nickname, the company encourages you fill out an application ASAP!

The company says they will be accepting applications through January 31. The position is contracted for one year, and the job training begins in June.

Oscar Mayer is also said to be looking for applicants with experience in public relations, journalism, marketing, and/or driving huge motorized hot dogs. I might have made that last one up...

Check out all of the details here.

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