"Wheels Up, Guns Down!" Miami Riders Pop Wheelies to Promote Non-Violence

Miami's annual Wheels Up, Guns Down event led to many arrests this MLK day.

ATV and dirt bike riders cruised through northern Miami-Dade County and Southern Broward County Monday afternoon, popping wheelies and heckling drivers.  

Hundreds of riders hit the roadways in the region during Martin Luther King Jr. Day every year, despite local law enforcement warnings and the illegality of riding the bikes on residential streets. 

“This is not a sanctioned event. ATVs and off-road vehicles should not be driven on roadways of the public. What the riders anticipate to do will create hazards on the roadways and ultimately result in creating car accidents and potential fatalities,” Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony said.

A handful of injuries were reported and 14 people were arrested. 

The ride-out event began a few years ago as a way to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and promote non-violence.

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