The President Has Put The Democrats In A Tight Corner

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, believes President Trump has put the Democrats "in a corner" after publicly offering them a compromise package to end the partial government shutdown, according to Fox News.

Mr. Trump offered the Democrats a deal that included a three-year extension of the protection for 700,000 immigrants who came to the United States illegally as a young child in exchange for the $5.7 billion needed to fund the border wall and attempt to fix the southern border crisis. 

“Every individual component of the offer he’s now placed on the table for the Democrats , this compromise deal. Every single component of it, the Democrats have agreed to in the past,” Bongino pointed out on his Fox News show. 

It's just like the Democrats to be difficult though. They've already tried denying the deal, but Bongino highlights an important part. President Trump is attempting to open the government again. He's trying to get the federal government workers a paycheck. It's now the Democrats who are letting this shutdown drag on. 

“They have already agreed to this stuff. The DACA portion of this stuff. The wall money. The length of the wall. They have agreed to more of this. He has got them in the corner and they are gonna have to explain why they don't want to open up the government right now. They are holding all the cards,” Bongino said.

To hold his ground, the President has said he will not be signing any bills to open the government unless it includes the funding for the wall. So it's up to the Democrats to stop messing around, take the compromise from Mr. Trump and finally open the government. Americans want a wall. 

Photo: Getty Images

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