Large Percentage Of Office Workers Willing To Move From LA and OC Counties

Believe it or not, not everyone loves the smog infested, high taxes, and ridiculous traffic that comes out of the Los Angeles and Orange Counties. According to the Daily News, 69% of office workers in these counties would be willing to move away for another job. 

Don't get too excited.. the workplace's hottest trend is to quit your job! Be honest with yourself, we've all considered quitting our job at one point in time. But believe it or not the Census shows that Californians actually aren't the type to move. 

Actually, this makes a lot of sense. Californians aren't moving out and we're allowing illegal aliens in. No wonder our traffic is the worst in the world. 

LA and OC counties ties with Chicago and Seattle in the willingness of people who are ready to leave. Only Raleigh (75 percent), Miami and Des Moines (71 percent) and Charlotte (70 percent) have higher numbers. 

But why are people willing to leave the LA and OC counties? Take a wild guess... Money!!

Most of the reasons given by people who were willing to move said they would do it for better pay and perks. The cost of living in these counties came in as the second reason. California rings in as the most expensive state to live in. 

The fascination of moving here has never been clear to us. But here we are, more people are coming in than leaving. So it makes percent sense to us that a large percentage of people would be willing to leave.

Photo: Getty Images

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