Hydrox Files A Complaint With The FTC Over Oreo Competition

Surely you've heard of Oreos cookies... But what about Hydrox?

Hydrox are creme-filled chocolate cookies, much like Oreos, but trademarked and owned by Ellia Kassoff. She claims that the owners of Oreo, Mondelez International, have been intentionally hiding Hydrox cookies in the stores to avoid their competition.

“The Oreo guys saw us as a threat, so they started hiding our cookies on shelves to get us discontinued,” Kassoff told The Wall Street Journal.

Kassoff got so tired of the cookie games, that she finally filed a complaint about it.

“It got to the point where I’d had enough, so we filed an official complaint with the Federal Trade Commission in August,” she said.

While she has yet to hear back from the FTC about her complaint, Kassoff said she has taken to social media to try and get more attention on the issue.

A spokesperson for Mondelez quickly responded to the accusations, claiming they were all false.

“Much of our shelf placement is due to the fact that Oreo is the No. 1 cookie in the U.S., and retailers typically align premium placement to the fastest-selling products, based on consumer demand. We always operate with integrity, and we are proud to be America’s favorite cookie,” Mondelez said.

Currently, Hydrox cookies are only stocked in a few hundred stores, with most of their sales coming from online retailers like Amazon.

Read all the details on Fox Business.

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