Gov. Newsom Tries Connecting Gas Tax Funds To Housing Targets

Gov. Gavin Newsom is arrogant and ambitious. He has a new controversial plan that threatens to withdraw the gas tax money from cities who don't meet regional housing targets and people aren't pleased, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. 

Some view the governor's approach as bold and necessary, other don't see him following through, and then others view his demands are tough, unrealistic, and fear it will make them use their general funds on road repairs.

John and Ken listeners know how much we dislike Newsom and how against the gas tax we are, but honestly we never could've imagined the new Governor would take things to this length and threaten cities for not following his demands. 

The Bay Area is deeply concerned with this threat from Mr. Newsom. Since the recession was over in 2009, they've added 722,000 jobs but we're only able to build 106,000 homes. Most workers still are forced to commute from far away. The Bay's tough housing situation has had effects on their high rents, packed freeways, and people being forced to live in rural areas or wildfire zones.

“We have a housing shortage that has built up over decades ... aided and abetted by a 50-year ineffectual state law with little enforcement,” said Randy Rentschler, legislative director of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

If Gov. Newsom wanted to make right on his new budget proposal, he would structure in a way that was beneficial to everyone. This way just hurts low-income areas that are already struggling to bring in new development. 

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