AeroMexico Hilariously Trolls With “DNA Discounts” Advertisement

Roughly 35 million Americans visited Mexico in 2017 soaking up the sun on beaches and taking in history. 

The relationship between Mexico and the United States is not on the best of terms at the moment in the wake of a potential border wall, but AeroMexico has not lost their sense of humor.

In a recent ad, the airline has unveiled their "DNA Discounts", offering deals on flights for those that can prove they have Mexican DNA. 

The percentage of the discount would match the percentage of a person's Mexican ancestry. 

People from Wharton, Texas are interviewed in the ad about their opinion on Mexico. 

"Let me stay here in peace, and let those folks stay on their side of the border," one man says. 

The humor in the ad culminates when the people interviewed are told on-camera how much Mexican ancestry they have. 

Some are upset, others confused and some even excited to take advantage of the discount for their DNA. 

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