How Kids Impact Your Happiness With The Dad Podcast

Would you be happier without kids?

The answer is different for every single person, and it isn't always as simple as "yes" or "no."

Some people, like Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast, have wanted children for as long as they can remember, so life without kids is unimaginable.  Others, like Shannon, have just never had any interest in it, so they can give a resounding "yes."  And others have felt their opinion on the matter shift and change with time.

Deseret News released an article that basically explains what Justin has been saying for years.

"People without kids tend to be healthier, wealthier, and happier. But, people with children tend to be more fulfilled. 

The big takeaway from a study in Australia is that if you identify as a parent, you are happy. Which says, to me, that if you are having kids because you want them, then you are good to go, but if you are having kids because you think you’re “supposed” to, then you will be unhappy. 

The takeaway is just don’t have kids if you don’t want them."

So, where do you sit?  Kids?  No kids?

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