Freeway Dancers Twerk On Top Of SUV

Drivers on Interstate 64 in St. Louis got a surprise show during their commute on Monday...

“We were in traffic obviously and were going pretty slow, but then I saw a girl get out of the car and get on top of the vehicle,” Jackie Friedhoff told The New York Post. “And I’m like, ‘Did I just see that?’”

Friedhoff said she immediately pulled out her phone and started recording the girls on top of the white GMC SUV when she realized exactly what they were doing... Twerking.

“I was surprised,” Friedhoff said. “It was definitely a safety concern. They’ve could’ve been blown off and hurt themselves or caused an accident.”

Whoa, hold on there!

Yeah sure, we're worried about the safety of the twerking ladies...

But we're MUCH more concerned about the thought-process that these women went through, or didn't go through, to decide that they would dance on top of a moving car.

(No disrespect to the younger generation here at KFI, but you all are taking this 'twerking' thing WAY too far... It should have been left in 2018... It's not even a good dance move!!!!!)

Unfortunately, the SUV carrying the dancers did not have a licence plate and the twerking women were never identified.

However, when Friedhoff posted about it on Facebook, she said that one of the women in the video actually reached out to her... Requesting to be tagged in the video.

“I was honestly not expecting it to go viral,” Friedhoff said. “Normally I’m a pretty private person and I don’t post personal stuff like that, so it was odd for me to post that on Facebook.”

Surprisingly, a spokeswoman with the St. Louis Police Department said that no calls were received about the incident.

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