Reusable Toilet Paper Is A Thing Now And We Want NOTHING To Do With It...

Apparently 'reusable toilet paper' is a thing now...

We don't know where it originated, or who created it.

All we know is that we do NOT want that kind of negative energy and corruption seeping into our homes and personal lives.

What will it do to our children? Will my husband leave me for a younger, hotter reusable toilet paper roll in the future? Will it be the cause of even more family arguments during the holidays?

We're not willing to take that risk.

The monsters who created this reusable toilet paper also refer to it as 'family cloths,' and they sell them through online sites like Etsy and Facebook.

Thankfully, Kelly Reynolds, a director and public health researcher at the University of Arizona, shares a few of our same concerns:

"This is just a risky practice, overall I think, and the potential for cross contamination is just very high from your bathroom, where they’re stored, to your laundry room," she told USA Today. “When you wash these clothes you transfer these germs to the entire load of laundry, even subsequent loads if you’re not using a protocol."

To be clear, when Reynolds says a "protocol," some might think she means to carefully disinfect and sanitize the reusable toilet paper... But it's pretty clear that she actually meant, "THIS STUFF IS DISGUSTING, WHY ARE YOU EVEN CONSIDERING IT..."

Without bleach, "Your hands will be covered with E.coli," Reynolds said. "E.coli is inherent in our laundry.”

We'll pass. Thanks, but no thanks!

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