#MugshotOfTheDay: Woman Banned From Walmart After Parking Lot Booze Cruise

Photo: KFI's DUI Department

Police in Texas received a call on Friday morning with complaints that a woman was drinking wine in a Walmart parking lot.

(Wait... I'm not the only one? Phew...)

But when the officers arrived at the scene, they not only found the woman, but also found out that she had been drinking her wine through a Pringles can, while riding on an electric cart through the parking lot.

The Walmart employees noted that she had been drinking in the store's parking lot since 6:30 a.m. that morning, and requested that she be banned from the local store.

Let's just say that everyone here at KFI has a feeling who the mysterious wine woman is, but her identify has yet to be confirmed...

Read the full report on the Times Record News.

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