The Bird Box/Office Movie Trailer That You Didn't Know You Needed To See

You've seen the memes...

The tweets... 

And the 'challenge' that has all come from Netflix's popular new movie 'Bird Box'.

But there's a new 'Bird Box' post making it's way around the internet... And trust us, this is one that you'll want to take your blindfold off for.

Drew Boatner describes himself on his website as "a storyteller at heart."

"I love capturing amazing moments - moments that change lives and inspire others," he states.

Well, as far as changing lives and inspiring others, we couldn't agree more.

Drew Boatner recently posted a video on YouTube, using clips from the popular television show 'The Office' to recreate the Bird Box movie trailer.

To say that this new hybrid movie trailer has inspired us, made us laugh, and changed our lives, is all a HUGE understatement.

Check it out on YouTube.

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