Hollywood's Fight For Venice Beach Put To The Test By Homeless Surge

With Hollywood stars taking over dozens of proprieties in Venice Beach with their seven-figure homes and luxurious lifestyles, their liberal ideologies are now being put to the test after they're put face to face with LA's homeless epidemic, according to the Hollywood Reporter. 

Faced with the growing problem, city leaders in Los Angeles have budgeted more than $100 million for affordable housing, addiction treatment, job placement and mental health services. Despite that, L.A.'s real estate prices continue to skyrocket alongside the city's homeless population. 

But, now the homeless issue might actually mean something to the Hollywood snowflakes. As it turns out, as liberals move into Venice Beach's real estate (where a median home price is $1.9 million), they're finding it difficult to reconcile their precious liberal ideas and reality. 

"There are actually [residents] advocating driving the homeless out of Venice — shipping them off somewhere, which is such a proto-fascist move," says television writer Evan Dunsky, a 27-year resident of the area. "And then what? Do we have to build a wall around Venice?"

Venice is home to the largest population of homeless on the Westside, with nearly 1,000 people sleeping on the streets. Over the last 18 months, several encampments have popped up in residential neighborhoods, affecting the real estate market those areas. Many of the homeless have brought their own tents and some are even equipped with mini refrigerators, cupboards, televisions, and heaters. These bums sure are living the homeless life the right way.

But wait there's more!!

Residents who live near these area not only have to deal with bums living on their streets, but many have reported noticing their mail going missing (what a treat!!). Residential break-ins have also gone up and residents are also complaining about needles and human waste appearing on sidewalks and at local playgrounds. Some have even had to complain to police about harassment and physical assaults. 

Of course, Mayor Eric "Yoga Pants" Garcetti has hinted that once shelters have enough beds and supportive housing, the city would enforce a law that bans people from sleeping on the sidewalks. 

So let's be honest, we don't see anything changing anytime soon. Maybe Hollywood will finally start voting a different way, now that it's truly affecting them. 

Photo: Getty Images

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