The GOP's Got the Jitters on Government Shutdown Day 19

The partial government shutdown is now on day 19 and things do not seem to be moving forward at the White House. 

After Tuesday night's oval office address, President Trump was headed to Capitol Hill Wednesday. He said he thought “we’re getting closer to a deal” but reports don't seem to show an agreement on the demands for the border wall. 

Trump previously renewed his notice that he might declare a national emergency and try to authorize the wall on his own if Congress does not approve the $5.7 billion he is asking for. “I think we might work a deal, and if we don’t we might go that route,” Trump said.

Various government agencies have been suffering throughout the shutdown with some workers not receiving pay. Senator Lisa Murkowski is looking to reopen some of those agencies by urging colleagues to approve certain spending bills, “so that whether it’s the Department of the Interior or it is the IRS, those folks can get back to work. I’d like to see that, she said.”

Democratic and Republican congressional leaders met with President Trump later Wednesday to try and renew negotiations but that proved to be a waste of time. 

For right now, there is no sign Trump is backing down on his demands in exchange for ending the shutdown.

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Photo: Getty Images

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