The Best Ways to Clean Your House After the Flu

With flu season in full swing, there are certain steps you can take to make sure that your home and work space is properly cleaned after it has been terrorized by the sickness. 

Anne Hart with the Colorado Visiting Nurse Association says there are a few key things to do to insure that there isn't a second wave. . 

She says it's important to wipe down all things in each room that may have come in contact with those suffering from the flu including counters, handles and switches. 

This also includes electronics, like remotes, phones and computers.

Make sure that any clothing, bedding and towels used by the infected person is cleaned. 

Also, my favorite tip that most people forget: tooth brushes should be replaced. 

This may seem like a Lysol scented pain in the ass, but Hart says that this is a very serious sickness and should be treated as such.

"It's a very serious disease, particularly to the very young, the very old or the immune compromised. Even if you feel like for yourself it's just a matter of being deathly ill for ten days and you are willing to risk it, think about other people."    

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