Man Caught Licking Doorbell For Hours in Salinas


Is anyone else feeling a little uncomfortable? 

This downright creepy video was caught on a Ring doorbell camera at a Salinas home Friday. 

Police identified the man as Robert Daniel Arroyo, 32, who is also being accused of stealing a couple extension cords that were used for Christmas lights decorating the home. 

KION reports the ordeal went on for HOURS early Friday morning where Arroyo allegedly was seen lurking outside the home, repeatedly licking the doorbell, and even relieving himself in the front yard. 

The homeowners were out of town when the incident happened, but their children were inside the home at the time.

"He's obviously being pretty perverted and weird about it," Salinas Police Commander Matt Maldonado told SFGATE.

Arroyo is currently still on the loose violating other doorbells. If arrested, he would be charged with prowling, petty theft of the extension cords, and violating probation. 

California Police Are On The Hunt For A Doorbell Licker...
California Police Are On The Hunt For A Doorbell Licker...
Police in Salinas, California are looking for a man that was seen on a surveillance camera licking a family's doorbell... FOR THREE HOURS!


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