Chargers Running Back Melvin Gordon's Hilarious Uber Debate

Photo: Getty Images

Before beating the Baltimore Ravens 23-17 (GO BOLTS!!!!) in the Wild Card game on Sunday, Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon had a bit of fun with one of his drivers...

Clearly unaware of who exactly his passenger was, Gordon's Uber driver spent a good amount of time debating NFL players and trash-talking the Chargers.

As the debate kept going, Gordon tried to get an opinion of himself from the driver, asking: "What about that running back? That Melvin Gordon kid?"

Their conversation only lasted a few minutes, but as Gordon was getting out of the car, he decided to let the driver know exactly who he was talking to...

Gordon: “Well, I’m Melvin Gordon man. I’m the running back for the Chargers man.” 

Driver: “You’re the running back for the Chargers?” 

Gordon: “I’m the running back for the Chargers.” 

Driver: “Give me a call.” 

Gordon: [laughs]

Driver: “Are you just telling me that?” 

Gordon: “I’m being honest with you. I’m being completely honest with you.”

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