SeaWorld Announces New Ride, Scheduled for 2020 Debut

SAN DIEGO (CNS) - California's tallest, fastest and longest ''dive'' roller coaster will open at SeaWorld in 2020, officials announced today. The new attraction, dubbed ''Mako'' for the fearsome sharks, will hit speeds of more than 60 mph as screaming riders drop 143 feet. The ride climbs 153 feet before racing back down to earth. The ride will include roughly 2,500 feet of track and ''floorless'' cars that will hold 18 riders in three six-person rows, the amusement park said. 

Mako will feature elements of conservation focusing on sharks. SeaWorld plans to partner with a shark conservation group for the ride's conservation efforts. According to a SeaWorld representative, such a partnership is still in development. SeaWorld parks have come under criticism in past years for previous shows featuring killer whale Oracas. 

The ride is being built by Swiss roller coaster manufacturer Bolliger and Mabillard. The company has built four other roller coasters for SeaWorld since 1997, one in San Antonio and the other three at SeaWorld Orlando. According to SeaWorld officials, construction on the ride is expected to begin by the middle of this year.


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