Gavin Newsom Has Been Sworn Into Office As California's New Governor

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Governor- Elect Gavin Newsom has taken the oath of office and is officially California's new Governor. 

At the age of 51, Newsom is 30 year younger than outgoing Governor Brown and is looking to embark on that age difference.

Newsom's campaign ran on the slogan "Courage For a Change" even though no one is truly aware of what change he truly meant. 

"If you're looking for timidity, I'm not your person," Newsom said before the election. "If you're looking for someone to be bold and courageous, lean into issues, change the order of things, I'm committing myself to that cause as the next governor."

Newsom has attempted to promise fresh ideas and a willingness to go after issues outgoing Governor Brown was unwillingly to tackle.

It's also important to remember that California's state capital could be facing a possible economic downturn and have a different take on California Legislature with new massive majorities in both houses.

So with these new changes, some have viewed this transition of Governors between Newsom and Brown as something necessary for California politics. 

"This transition is really a passing of the torch, not just of one governor to another but from one generation to another," says former California Gov. Gray Davis. "It's great that they have different styles. It's almost by necessity you have to govern for the times."

As Newsom takes over as Governor, he is also take over a state's economy that is fifth largest in the world. California leads the nation in the highest rate of childhood poverty and Newsom is looking to address this. As well as the health care system and subsidized child care. 

But none the less, Newsom is also taking on a state with a fund of $14 billion, left by outgoing Governor Brown. 

Brown's parting piece of advice for Newsom? "Don't screw it up."

For more information, please visit NPR.

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