Four Cops in Love Square Stripped of Guns So They Wouldn't Kill Each Other

A love triangle? Pshhh that is so 2018. In 2019 we have love square

An NYPD sergeant cheated on his girlfriend, who is too a cop, with a fellow officer whose husband is guessed it.. a cop. 


Well, the four officers have now had their guns taken away after their bosses feared they would KILL each other. 

Sgt. Kandou Worley, 40, and Officer Stephanie Gallardo, 33, were both assigned to the same department when their fling started. 

Worley's live-in girlfriend and fellow officer, Tyeis Coppin, 41, found out about the affair after discovering sexy photos of the pair on his cellphone.  

An understandably upset Coppin then allegedly posted the photos to Worley’s Instagram account.

The captions read “I told my girl I loved her 10 mins b4 I f–ked this one,” and “She’s someone’s wife, she’s not my girl tho. I have one and this is not her!!!!”

Gallardo later admitted to her supervisors that she and Worley had a “personal relationship” during September and October.

But Gallardo said that she’d been separated from her husband, fellow SRG cop Cristian Gallardo, 28, since March, even though they’re still living together and raising their 20-month-old daughter, according to the New York Post

The NYPD report says a total of nine handguns were seized from all four cops because the circumstances raised “the potential for violent outcomes due to the sensitive nature of infidelity and everyone having access to guns.”

All four cops were given back their guns and returned to active duty in their original assignments during the past week, pending results of the SOD investigation, an NYPD spokesman said.

Check out the incriminating photo in question here

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