Gov. Jerry Brown's Farewell to California Drags On

Gavin Newsom, Democratic lieutenant governor, will be sworn in Monday as California's new governor, but before that happens Jerry Brown has to give his long goodbye to the position by holding several exit interviews to keep the attention of the public. 

Brown is making the most out of his last days by offering warnings about the future of California and the planet and a looming recession. 

“The Democratic constituencies want more money and more laws,” Mr. Brown said. “I take a different view. We have too many damn laws. The coercive power of the state should be invoked sparingly. They tell me almost all of the bills that I have vetoed have been reintroduced.”

At a luncheon, Brown spoke of all the things he would miss the most from his position. “What will I not miss?” he said. “I like it all. I like fund-raising. I like sparring with the press. I like attacking my opponents. I like being attacked. I like the whole thing. People in this business like attention and you get a lot of attention as governor.”

However, Californians shouldn't get too excited as Newsom has vowed to continue the fiscal practices followed by the beloved Mr. Brown, even though Brown has suggested that Newsom and the lawmakers be cautious about spending. 

“Because the more money you have, the better you feel,” Mr. Brown said. “The better you feel the more you spend. But at that very moment, you should have stopped.” Well duh, Moonbeam. 

Read more at The New York Times. 

Photo: Getty Images

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