Netflix Original Movie "Bird-Box" Breaks Record In Opening Week

Bird Box Trailer- Courtesy of Netflix

We've all heard the hype!

"Bird Box" staring Oscar winner Sandra Bullock and Golden Globe Winner Sarah Paulson is officially on Netflix.

People have been going crazy over this!!

The memes are all over the internet.

So if you've seen the movie already... 

You either love it.


You hate it. (Ask KFI Producer December Savage-Brown how she feels about it.)

But even if you haven't had a chance to see it yet, you've definitely heard about it. 

So it shouldn't come to much shock that Netflix released the news today that "Bird Box" has had the biggest opening on the famous streaming service for a Netflix film. 

That's right!!

Over 45 million different accounts have tuned into the movie in less than a week.

That doesn't even factor into place that has multiple profiles, and we all know someone who borrows someone else's account for free.

That's such a crazy number to think about.

This news comes with even more shock considering Netflix never shares its rating numbers.

See below for some of the reaction on social media:

For more information on this story, please visit CNN.

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