Baby, It's Cold Outside - Sexy or Rapey?

You've heard the song. It's playing everywhere all the time, despite the fact that there has been some serious pushback in the #MeToo aftermath. Yes, the lyrics raise an eyebrow these days. We as a society have become very aware and super sensitive of any language or situation that's the least bit sketchy. And, well, this song's lyrics are S.K.E.T.C.H.Y! But in 1944, when the song was written and performed for the first time, things were just different.

"Good girls" didn't say yes to quickly. She'd be easy and not the best marriage material. So she's just putting the guy through his paces. Times have and haven't changed much.

It's a catchy little duet where the woman talks about leaving the company of a gentleman. He, of course, sees his hopes for the night dwindling and tries (hard) to get her to stay. At one point, she actually asks him what's in her drink. Yyyeeaahh...

Below is the hilarious politically correct version of the same song. Only this time, the man takes her at her word, NO, and ushers her to a quick exit. Byyyye-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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