Syracuse Recruit Shares Special Moment With His Friend With Cerebral Palsy

Senior Cooper Dawson was having one of the most important days in his life.

He decided to share his moment with Kingsley Feinman. 

Now, you must be asking yourself what makes this so special?

Well, first off Cooper Dawson was signing to Syracuse for Football, but he shared his spotlight with his friend Kingsley who has, cerebral palsy.

“He taught me that the only disability is a bad attitude,” Dawson said. “If he can come around every day with this big old smile on, I can do it just the same."

The two were seated at a table in the school auditorium with caps from Clemson, Syracuse and Central Florida placed before them. Dawson whispered his final choice to Feinman, who announced, “He’s going to Syracuse.”

The two have been friends since Dawson was a high school freshman, as their social media presence shows.

“I saw him wheeling through the hallways and he always had on a big smile, so I figured I’d go introduce myself,” Dawson said. “My junior year last year he always hung out with the football players and talked to us, but we ragged on him because he never came to a football game."

This friendship means a lot to Cooper and that's why he wanted to share this special moment with Kingsley.

“My only disability was not being able to walk because of a torn ligament,” Dawson said. “If Kingsley can have cerebral palsy and go around and have a positive attitude with everything he does, then I should be able to do the same.”

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