Jerry Brown Warns of Democratic Spending and Climate Change in AP Interview

Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown has less than a month before he leaves office but he is making sure to remind California of the peril to come as he goes. 

AP News reports Brown predicts the Democratic dominance in California will make it difficult for newly elected governor Gavin Newsom to control Democrats’ hunger for spending and regulations.

Democrats hold all statewide offices and expanded their supermajority in the Legislature after November's election, allowing them to approve tax hikes and virtually any law without Republican support.

“I’d say we’re in for contentious times and for too many rules, too many constricting mandates and probably too much spending,” Brown told The Associated Press in an interview Tuesday.

Brown also said in the interview Newsom may have a hard time keeping fellow Democrats in check because “he’s got to please some of these groups enough of the time to still be viable as a political leader.”

In a shock to nobody, Brown called for more blunt discussions about the danger of wildfires and called out world leaders for failing to tackle climate change with urgency. 

“The threat of nuclear annihilation and climate change on a permanent basis looms, and therefore it is time for new leaders to rise up and make the case and mobilize the people for what needs to be done,” Brown ended the interview. “What needs to be done is unprecedented, and therein lies the dilemma.”

Brown, 80, officially leaves office Jan. 7.

Read more at AP News.

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