A Modern Twist On The Classic Christmas Movie: "Home Alone"

Our favorite Christmas movie is back!!

Well I guess kind of....

Kevin McCallister is back!! 

He's not alone this time either!!

Well he is.. but he really isn't....

He's with his Google Assistant and we all know that means that he's always with someone.

Iconic actor, Macaulay Culkin decided to treat Christmas fans and revisit his classic movie 'Home Alone".

In this 2018 modern retake of the movie, Culkin recreates several iconic scenes except with a little help from his Google Assistant.  

The video starts with Culkin calling out for his mom and dad in an empty house before realizing that he’s all alone again. Going through scenes from the iconic movie, Culkin gets help from Google Assistant in ordering things like new aftershave and setting reminders to change his bed sheets after jumping on them.

Aww, what a Christmas treat.

Check out the video above to see this modern twist. 

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