Gary Says "NOOOOO!!!" To Emotional Support Fish

Some people need emotional support.

We're not going to argue with that.

We fully understand that some people have legitimate struggles that cause them to need a little extra help.  And we understand that this help can come from a variety of things, including animals.

However, should that animal be a fish?

(If you ask Gary, the answer is clearly "NOOOOO!!!")

We're not talking about a stuffed fish that someone likes to cuddle up with.  We're talking about a living, swimming beta fish.

That's what Lanice Powless has.

Or had.

 According to ABC San Diego, Powless was forced to give up her beta fish at Denver International Airport when she went to board a Southwest flight.

According to the flight staff, she was not allowed to bring her pet fish on the plane, so Powless left her finned friend in Colorado.

One problem, according to TSA, she should have been able to.

Powless is still trying to get her "best friend" back.

I'd say that we would provide you with updates, but bringing up the story again just might tip Gary over the edge...

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