Homeless Woman Throws Hot Coffee at Donut Shop Owners Face in Canoga Park

When vagrants attack!

Police have arrested the homeless woman accused of throwing hot coffee at a donut shop owner's face in Canoga Park Friday. 

Spudnuts Donuts Owner Cindy Seam asked the homeless woman to leave her shop for scaring a child next to her. 

Seam said the woman comes into the store from time to time and on Friday she was “just being loud. Wailing. Scaring the little girl." And that’s what concerned her the most. 

Seam said the homeless woman has never been a problem before so she did not expect her to throw hot coffee.

The shaken business owner says she’ll now be more selective about her open-door policy toward the homeless.

She’s filed a police report but called on lawmakers to make a real change. 

“I think like people are talking about it and tired of it but we can’t do anything about it,” Seam told CBSLA. “It feels like we have less rights than they do.”

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