When "Clean Eating" Has Become a Bad Thing

Wanting to clean up your eating habits can only be good for you, right? 

Eating green, drinking more water....stopping with the Diet Cokes *cough* HANDEL *cough*....

But in some cases, this isn't true because now there's a health issue wrapped around that!

The eating disorder known as orthorexia is an obsession with eating healthy foods. 

Even though this sounds like a positive option, it can eventually lead to some major problems.

Psychologist Kasey Goodpaster said eliminating a food group "can lead to malnutrition (and) there is more emotional distress and anxiety that can be caused from this." 

PhD candidate at the University of Windsor, Sara Santarossa recently published a study on the disorder and says that those with the disease "may also feel a sense of entitlement or supriority", something that shows itself on social media. 

“So they will post photos of their food and it’s meticulously placed and they are making sure that it is biologically ‘pure’ and again it is very rigid and fixated."

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