Thank You To Everyone Who Supported the 8th Annual #Pastathon!

•	The 8th Annual KFI PastaThon to benefit Caterina's Club raised a record setting $442,304!

Thank you to everyone who came out on Friday to help us raise money, pasta and sauce for our 8th annual Pastathon! The event was a huge success and that's thanks to listeners like you!! 

KFI and iHeart listeners raised a record-setting $442,304 and another 44,315 pounds of pasta and sauce for the hungry motel kids of Caterina's Club!

Since 2010, KFI and iHeart listeners have raised an incredible $2,290,304 and 384,315 pounds of pasta and sauce! Since then, Chef Bruno has expanded Caterina's Club to feed 20,000 kids a week at 80 locations in 26 cities across L.A. and Orange counties. 

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