DCFS To Launch An Investigation Into Response Of Anthony Avalos' Death

Anthony Avalos was tortured and killed in Lancaster at 10-years-old. After the release of the case grand jury documents and calls made to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, the DCFS has now decided to launch an investigation into the response of his murder.

Mother Heather Barron and her boyfriend Kareen Leiva were indicted and accused of killing the boy. However, they pleaded not guilty to the murder and torture charges in court.

Newly released calls made to DCFS brings up reported injuries on Avalos that didn't seem to be taken seriously:

Hotline worker: "What's our allegation, would you say?"

DCFS worker: "Ahaha."

Hotline worker: "I know - you have to - we have to put something..."

DCFS worker: "To cover our butt?"

Hotline worker: "I know. To cover..." (laughter)

The head of DCFS, Bobby Cagle, issued a statement after the release of the calls, claiming:

"I am outraged and deeply concerned about any indication that our department failed to take an issue of child abuse seriously. I have initiated an investigation into the specifics, and will take appropriate action as we continue our efforts on behalf of the children and families of Los Angeles County."

Read the full report on ABC 7.

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