#MugshotOfTheDay: Ice Pick VS Penis

Here's a pretty unique one...

Police in Utah arrested a man for holding another man at gunpoint, binding him to a chair, and then telling him that he could choose between death OR a nail through the genitals. Yikes! Now that's a tough game of 'would you rather'.

According to court documents, it all took place on August 30 in Salt Lake County, Utah. The suspect, Jason Dee Maughn, said that he had gotten in a fight with his roommate and admitted to handcuffing him to a chair and holding a gun to his head.

He told his roommate he could "either be taken to the desert to be killed, or Maughn could drive a nail into [victim's] penis," the document reads.

The victim allegedly chose the latter, and Maughn then used a RUSTY hammer to put an 'ice pick' through his penis. But we were just wondering... wasn't this all bad enough already? Why did he have to insist on using a rusty hammer????

Maughn eventually released the man, and he immediately went to the hospital to seek help. Police later found Maughn guilty of a long list of charges: aggravated kidnapping-domestic violence, aggravated sexual assault-domestic violence, mayhem-domestic violence, and aggravated assault-domestic violence.

Read the full report on Fox 13.

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