Migrant Shelter in Tijuana Closes Due to '"Bad Sanitary Conditions"

A migrant shelter at a sports complex in Tijuana, close to the U.S. border, was shut down Saturday according to the city's government. 

The shelter, which once held about 6,000 Central Americans, was reportedly closed because of "bad sanitary conditions."

Unsanitary conditions had developed quickly as the sports complex did not have adequate room for the high number of migrants waiting to get into the U.S. Lice infestations and respiratory infections began running rampant through the shelter.

Officials said all the migrants were being pushed to move to a former concert venue, a large building and concrete patio known as El Barretal that was used for concerts and other events years ago, farther south from the border. 

Tijuana officials said nobody would be forced to move to the new facility, but they also warned they would stop offering food and medical services at the Benito Juarez sports complex.

The new shelter is being run by federal authorities.

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