How The Mainstream Media Misreported The New U.S. Climate Assessment

A new U.S. climate assessment was recently published and the mainstream media went crazy. However, unfortunately a lot of those reports were exaggerated and/or misinterpreted. 

CNN ran a headline that said "climate change will shrink [U.S.] economy" and The New York Times followed. Climate scientist Michael Mann even went on NPR and CNN, claiming of the "unprecedented weather extremes."

But the climate assessment says otherwise:

“Drought statistics over the entire contiguous US have declined,” the report finds, also stating that “the Dust Bowl era of the 1930s remains the benchmark drought and extreme heat event.”

And when it comes to flooding, the finding was that it "did not attribute changes in flooding to anthropogenic [human] influence nor report detectable changes in flooding magnitude, duration or frequency."

Bjorn Lomborg, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, wrote about the climate assessment and the inaccurate reports about it for the New York Post.

"Yes, we need to speed up the transition from fossil fuels by investing in green R&D," he wrote. "Even so, reporting on climate change needs to be grounded in reality. Exaggeration is understandable but dangerous, because it risks wasting resources on the wrong policy answers, and gives ammunition to those who would ignore this real challenge."

Read the full report by Lomborg on the New York Post.

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