Gavin Newsom Addresses Immigration Concerns At The Border

At a press conference in San Ysidro on Thursday, Governor-elect Gavin Newsom addressed the immigration concerns at the border due to the migrant caravan in Tijuana. Newsom also toured the Otay Mesa Immigration Detention Center and met with advocates for the asylum seekers.

"My job is to be constructive, my job is to try to find ways to bring people to the table and to address what legitimately can be described as a humanitarian crisis," he said. "We're all in this together. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to address the issues that we as a broader community face and I think we need to humanize this issue, not politicize the issue."

During his trip, the Governor-elect also called on the city of San Diego to step up their efforts in supporting the illegal immigrants in America.

On Friday, he's set to meet with Mexican officials in Mexico City to "reaffirm and build upon the deep economic, political and cultural bonds that connect Mexico and California."

Read the full story on Fox 5.

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