Eric Garcetti Says He Is Still Thinking About A 2020 Presidential Run

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Despite his previous claims that he wasn't thinking about running for President, Yoga Pants Mayor Eric Garcetti is now hinting that he's close to making his decision on a 2020 presidential campaign. 

"Before, you know, I was thinking about it, but not as hard as I am now," he said, adding later that he expects to make a final decision "in this first quarter of the coming year."

Garcetti is on the list of California Democrats hinting at a potential campaigns in 2020, along with Sen. Kamala Harris, Rep. Eric Swalwell and Tom Steyer. 

"I'm also sick and tired of a president who doesn't want to be a president for all of America and for all Americans," Garcetti said. "I think the -- and -- and anybody on the other side who wants to run against him, who wants to be a president just for our tribe -- collective tribe, I don't think's going to win.  And if he or she wins, is not going to be an effective president."

Garcetti said that in order to take on President Trump, the Democratic nominee will have to "take him on at a level where you're calm, where you say something like, 'You know what, Donald? You're the American dream. I mean, you're a hustler....You've been married to three amazing women,'ve been bankrupt, you've -- you've come back, you know, this is like what America's about.  You can reinvent yourself,...and that's awesome.'"

He also added that the 2020 election will be about three big things, "It's going to be about national unity, it's going to be about winning the future, and it's going to be about getting s*** done." 

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